The Future of BeagleV™ community

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BeagleV™ is a developing community from Foundation. The BeagleV™ community goal is to support open source hardware boards featuring processors that implement the RISC-V instruction set. This site is where software and hardware developers can communicate about what’s happening at the intersection of Open Source Hardware and RISC-V. We plan to present the BeagleV™ community with sample reference boards to test and suggest changes. Our recent beta development program with the BeagleV™-Starlight prototype is one example.

The prototypes presented to the BeagleV™ community may have the possibility to go to production or they may just be used by the community for education and as targets to further RISC-V software developments. The BeagleV™-Starlight prototype will not be going into mass production, but we are continuing to work on board designs with other RISC-V SoCs.® and Seeed Studio hope to have a new BeagleV™ community board available early Q1.